Visual communication in context 2

October 14, 2010

The idea of the brief was to say thank you to someone in a considered, original way. After deciding that my personal theme for this would be music, I chose Alexander Graham Bell to say thank you for developing the first electrical speaker. I toyed with many ideas but ultimately decided that my way of delivery would be to use the latest in surface sound technology to turn London into the worlds largest sound system. Surface sound technology enables the user to turn any flat object into a speaker that distributes sound evenly through vibration. Placing these objects all over London on various landmarks, vehicles and buildings, you could theoretically bring the city alive with music and sounds. I decided to theme the events dependent on the current situations arising at the time. For the royal wedding that is approaching, celebratory music could be played with orchestras and anthems filling the streets. For the 2012 Olympics, world music could be played including national anthems. A festival could be created where by London is transformed into an alternate reality using sound effects from the countryside or 19th century. With a the uprising of students in protest about the educational cuts and fees rising, sounds could be played to calm the aggressive mobs. The possibilities are endless.

Here is the event poster for the event which I named ‘London Alive’

I feel the outcome is inventive and original in its delivery, the logistics of it are ambitious but possible, and considering that the brief was to explore any out come with no limitations, I consider this to be an interesting concept.


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