DandAD Briefs!

November 25, 2010


The briefs are out and the ideas generation process is well underway. I have teamed up with my very capable friend Dan Raymond and we are making great progress together. We have had several meetings to brainstorm and expand our ideas and I am surprised how much we are achieving together. Working in a team is something that can be difficult and turn into a bit of a mess when trying to focus down on ideas, some bulldoze their thoughts and others contribute nothing, and it can be difficult to tell these people exactly what you are thinking for fear of upsetting them. So I am grateful to be working in a situation where we can be creative yet brutally honest, focused, and yet have a good time doing it.

I wont be posting any development of our ideas for obvious reasons, but rest assured that it will be a good one. We are going for gold!


Book cover design

November 19, 2010

This was a much anticipated brief for me as I felt that with this would be something I could really sink my teeth into and come up with some creative solutions. The author needing the rebrand was John le Carré, a former political consul and intelligence agent for a British embassy, whose novels draw upon the wealth of knowledge gained from his profession, mainly focusing on espionage and political corruption.

I began researching and reading his books and other authors in a similar field so as to gain an insight to the demographic that I would be placing the new artwork. I wanted to produce something new for the author, something unlike anything he had used before (a challenge considering he has had some books rebranded branded over 20 times). I discovered that there is a film of his book “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” in production at the moment and thought that this would draw a lot of attention to John and his other books. I felt that a collectors edition set could potentially be a great idea as it would interest those that have followed le Carré for years possibly prompting them to buy these even if they already own other editions of the books. It would also target movie fanatics and collectors, and those who haven’t read the books. They would also make for great presents for people and would also be a nice celebration of the fantastic work le Carré has achieved in his career as an author.

So I set about making a prestigious set of book covers that promote the idea of luxury whilst not being over powering. I got an idea for the covers from a Blek le Rat limited edition set of prints that featured a black book with a simple gold foiled logo on. These looked really nice and prestigious, yet simple. So I created an icon set based on key elements within the book and used just those on the front cover, no title, no authors name, just icons. These were then foil pressed onto nice quality black card to give the desired look and feel.

silver foiling

Book design development

November 10, 2010

I have been working on a set of book covers for the infamous spy novelist John le Carre.

I looked into the demographic I would be placing these and researched similar authors covers. One that caught my eye was Wilbur Smith, all his novels are styled in a similar way using epic landscapes with a vivid colour palette. I thought that I would experiment with this style to see where it lead.

John le Carre book designs
I think that there is definitely room for improvement with these as there is little innovation, and nothing that makes them stand out from the sea of other novels out there. I am considering producing a limited edition set that could be released as this hasn’t been done before for le Carre. Back to the drawing board I think!


November 9, 2010

Here is a nice little video I found showing how things influence modern culture. I love videos like these as I always come away feeling motivated. Enough watching videos and blogging and time to get back to work!

Web Design

November 7, 2010

I recently received the brief to create an online portfolio website to showcase my work and brand myself as a designer. This is an exciting brief for me as it will give me the much needed time to really throw myself into learning the fundamental skills necessary to produce exciting, interactive websites. I spent all my free time over the summer teaching myself the basics of Dreamweaver so that I could get my clothing store up and running, however I struggled to grasp a full understanding how how to code in HTML or CSS and instead ‘botched’ my way through it using tables and other out of date techniques. Hopefully, with the tutorials I am attending at university and the vast amount of online lessons out there I should be able to create a visually exciting website that can showcase my work to a high standard.

Development for TLK

November 5, 2010

I was asked to help create tickets for a new lecture session based at the Arts University College in Bournemouth, whereby guest speakers from various industries were invited to come and share their knowledge with the students. There are to be four talks over the next few weeks with themes such as networking, freelancing, creative process and getting a job.

As a team we decided decided that the tickets should include information about the event as well as letting people know about the forthcoming lectures. I took this information and devised a colour palette that could separate the events, whilst keeping them under the umbrella of TLK (the collectively decided name)

Here is my development/exploration of colour and placement.

Idea devolopment

The new site is up!

November 2, 2010

drop logo
After what has felt like a life time the new site for my clothing company “Drop” is up and running. After battling against software issues, hardware issues, the loss of my two main hard drives, godaddy’s impossible interface and a multitude of problems it is now live!

The site is simple, and does look a little amateurish, but my knowledge of web design is very little and so am impressed that I have managed to get this far. Sales on the shirts are going well but as always – could be better. A viral video to advertise the company is on the way and should hopefully be release early next year. There is a small chance we could be arrested in the process of making this guerilla advertising campaign, but the combination of no money, too much creativity and a need to get in the publics face, means that risks need to be taken. I wont give anything away but it should be good.

In the mean time check out the site/store and get yourself some original clothing