Book cover design

November 19, 2010

This was a much anticipated brief for me as I felt that with this would be something I could really sink my teeth into and come up with some creative solutions. The author needing the rebrand was John le Carré, a former political consul and intelligence agent for a British embassy, whose novels draw upon the wealth of knowledge gained from his profession, mainly focusing on espionage and political corruption.

I began researching and reading his books and other authors in a similar field so as to gain an insight to the demographic that I would be placing the new artwork. I wanted to produce something new for the author, something unlike anything he had used before (a challenge considering he has had some books rebranded branded over 20 times). I discovered that there is a film of his book “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” in production at the moment and thought that this would draw a lot of attention to John and his other books. I felt that a collectors edition set could potentially be a great idea as it would interest those that have followed le Carré for years possibly prompting them to buy these even if they already own other editions of the books. It would also target movie fanatics and collectors, and those who haven’t read the books. They would also make for great presents for people and would also be a nice celebration of the fantastic work le Carré has achieved in his career as an author.

So I set about making a prestigious set of book covers that promote the idea of luxury whilst not being over powering. I got an idea for the covers from a Blek le Rat limited edition set of prints that featured a black book with a simple gold foiled logo on. These looked really nice and prestigious, yet simple. So I created an icon set based on key elements within the book and used just those on the front cover, no title, no authors name, just icons. These were then foil pressed onto nice quality black card to give the desired look and feel.

silver foiling


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