Site Finished

January 15, 2011

Ben Darvill Drop clothing website

I know its only been a few months since the last site went live, but the amount I have learned since has enabled me to re-make the site and produce something a lot more professional.

Using jQuery, PHP and CSS, the site is a lot more technical than before, with features like controllable slide-shows and fully functional contact forms. The page is filled with imagery, links and information, all brought together with cool fade effects to give the whole site a gentle flowing quality. The slide-shows play automatically but stop when hovered to allow the viewer to inspect the item, and then click to skip through so that there is some control.

All items have been strategically placed using “User Experience” testing techniques that I learned during the time I spent at working at Redweb. By watching my “testers” eye movements when I asked them to navigate towards a specific page, I managed to see where people expect things to be. This helped me position items around the site in a logical order. I also tryed a variety of colours on my test subjects to see which drew there eyes to help me create the right hand buttons. I had never heard of UX before going to do work experience at Redweb

The site is my online portfolio as well as clothing store and so needed to show my work in the best possible light. I think that the consistent approach I took when photographing, editing and presenting my portfolio pieces has worked well and will give future employers a valuable insight into the standard of work that I aim to produce. The colour and theme hits the target audience whilst also showing my own personal preferences when it comes to stylizing a piece of work.

Have a look and let me know


Best viewed on a high resolution display (1280×800)


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