TLK – Creative Process

February 3, 2011

I went to a fantastic lecture given by David Burton of Redweb, Ross Cleaver of Revolting, Bella Lewis Smith of Salad and Paul Leon who is a Freelance designer.Here are some things I took away from the talk:

To stay inspired – Stay curious about everything. Do new things and have new experiences. Don’t let the brain go stale, step away from the screen regularly and gain perspective. Dont worry about whats been done before just stay child-like and push your ideas. Accululate information sieving thorugh useful bits and chucking away the crap.

Clients – to find them go to employment agencys but be cautious as some rip you off, word of mouth, send off things to companies that you design specifically for them.

Payment – Get rid of clients that mess you about as they arent worth your time, they will try to play you just tell them to where to go! set out your fee from the start and explain the whole process you are going to go through to create the work eg. research, development, give them contracts and sign off sheets to look professional.

Pitching – Dont show finish concepts as its a waste of time if you dont get chosen, if you dont have the answers show them how you are going to get them. Find out how many others are pitching. DONT DO IT FOR FREE! Be confident dont let them walk all over because if they see weakness they will exploit it. They are not paying you to be ‘yes men’, stand up and say what you have to say. Speak to them in their own corporate language – this is learned through extensive research.

I came away from this lecture fully inspired and completely certain that I am in the right industry. Having been too lenient with my clients and doing so much free work to get noticed I have now completely put my foot down. I am a fully trained designer producing work to a very high standard, the least people can do is pay me for my time.


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