Final major project

February 12, 2011

The eagerly awaited final major project is upon us at University and the ideas that I have heard coming out of the other students have been fantastic and I am looking forward to seeing things coming together.

I have decided to introduce my love for psychology into my FMP. Although I have never had any formal education in it, It is a subject I study in my personal time and is all I read in terms of literature. The main focus of my project will be the subconscious and how the implementation of ideas in peoples minds can cause them to react. One of the names given to this study is ‘Perception Without Awareness’ and I have been researching several leaders within these fields of social psychology.

Some of the experiments conducted are incredible and show that priming people without them realising can affect behavior. John Bargh is a social psychologist who has conducted several studies in mood alteration using priming techniques. In one experiment he gave students a list of ten sentences which were scrambled and asked them to rearrange them to make sense. Within each sentence words like ‘old’ and ‘grey’ were included as well as other semantically associated words with aged people. As people left the office they were noted as walking away considerably slower than the control group who did not have these primers included in their sentences. In another study, he did the same experiment but using words associated with rudeness which saw subjects interrupt a tutor when leaving the room.

I plan on conducting several experiments of my own to see if I can use graphic systems to influence people and subconsciously affect their behavior. This project will teach me skills that will definitely prove useful in my career in advertising.


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