D&AD Development

February 22, 2011

Our idea for the upcoming design competition brief has been refined severely since we settled on our concept. The original idea was a good one but became muddled due to the amount of directions we were taking and we desperately needed to step back and gain some perspective on the whole thing. With some advice from our tutors we have now managed to co-ordinate our plan and focus on the presentation of our piece which is now going well. The difficulties we are now facing are to do with selectivity of the information we present which is being laid out in an infographic.

We have contacted industry professionals to investigate the logistics and find out all the necessary facts and figures to check that our idea is achievable. During this research phase I found an example of something using a similar process that had been done a few years back. Although mildly annoying that this had been done before it help confirm in our minds that we are not developing something that was unachievable.

Our idea is strong, all that remains is for us to make it clear and easily read by the judges and a yellow pencil could be coming our way.


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