This time not conducted by myself. Fascinating results!

Priming Experiment

March 18, 2011

In an attempt at priming the unsuspecting public, I conducted an experiment to control the unaware participants semantic network of association and focus them on things related to France. I used several images placed on the journey to university that were associated with France, things such as the tricolour flag, an image of the eiffel tower and some stereotypical illustrations of a man in a blue and white striped top holding a baguette. I then stopped people to ask them to complete a survey.

I asked the participants to answer the following questions without thinking about it and as quickly as they could. As a control and a warm up to answering questions, I asked them to name a vegetable and a number. I then asked them to name a city in Europe with the aim that most people would say ‘Paris’

The results so far have shown that only 35.7% answered ‘Paris’, the other 64.3% answered with other cities.

The results could have been contaminated by several factors, The main one being the rain. The vast majority of people walking past me had there eyes down with a disgruntled look on their face, moving quickly and seemly preoccupied with how lousy the weather was. The rain could have also washed away some of my primers, although this isn’t confirmed. Another factor was that many of the people that answered ‘London’ as a city in Europe stated that they had just returned last night from a student trip to the city, and so was probably a ‘hot topic’ amongst conversation.

Still though out of the hundreds of cities people could choose, 35.7% choosing the one that I had primed them to think of seems unlikely to be a coincidence

Further testing is required before announcing that this process of creating a semantic network of association with imagery does or doesnt work.

Todays Experiment

March 16, 2011

New studies have found that people tidy up more thoroughly when there’s a faint tang of cleaning liquid in the air; they become more competitive if there’s a briefcase in sight, or more cooperative if they glimpse words like “dependable” and “support” – all without being aware of the change, or what prompted it.

I decided to test this whilst helping out a friend of mine who was conducting a survey for a project he is working on. I held a sign post with the word “Participate” in the middle of a busy high street whilst my friend stood about 100 yards away asking for people to complete his survey who had come from my direction. We did this for an hour and then spent another hour surveying without the sign post to act as a control test.

The results were excellent, showing that 61.9% of the people that agreed to take the survey did so after walking past the primed sign post in the first hour of testing, the other 38.1% did so of their own free will.

This experiment was not conducted under lab settings and so there are a large number of variables that could have affected the outcome. Further testing should be done to ensure the statistical data accurate.


March 10, 2011

I recently visited my friend up in Northampton who works in advertising and marketing. He informed me that he and a few associates were working on a live pitch to client and that my skills as a graphic designer would be invaluable to them. Electrolux was the company being rebranded and their new product has been designed to be revolutionary in its field, so needed to be marketed in way that shows this. For obvious reasons I cannot divulge information as to the exact product but it does seem like an interesting concept.

I sat in with the meeting and helped focus their ideas which at times seemed a little sporadic and lacking in direction. I questioned them persistently in an attempt to guide the team and help them resolve relevant issues which helped them greatly. I also created a few logos and visuals to help them come across well in their presentation. I do feel however that my skills could have been put to better use as the team didn’t seem to be massively organised or driven. All in all this was a good experience and a great project to be involved in.

Exhibition Experiment

March 3, 2011

I set up an experiment as part of my research into subliminal messaging and priming. Using John Bargh’s studies into the effect of word games on peoples mood I created a list of ten scrambled sentences designed to prime readers to feel generous. I included words like give, generous, considerate etc. which would hopefully skip peoples consciousness and be implanted into the subconscious and then be drawn out with additional posters I planted around the venue, these would then hopefully prompt people to place money in the charity box I placed on the exit of the venue.

priming poster

priming experiment

Unfortunately the experiment was a failure due to several circumstances beyond my control. These were:

-My work was placed in an exhibition with 40 or 50 other posters, all screaming slogans and messages at people which filtered the suggestive messages I was trying to implant.

-People were not fully committing to completing the word game and instead just glancing at the poster and moving along due to the volume of other work on display.

-Some of my subliminal posters I placed in the entrance to the exhibition were taken down without my knowledge thus lessening the strength of the idea implanting.

-The test subjects were penniless students who probably didn’t have anything to give even if they wanted to.

-The Charity box was not visible enough due to the layout of the exhibition.

I plan to conduct my next set of experiments under much more controlled circumstances and hopefully get some some usable data that helps confirm the concept of idea implementation.

Also it turns out that my poster made into the Top 10 which was a nice surprise considering that there were around 200 entries.

D&AD Submission 2011

March 2, 2011

Here is the final piece we submitted as our concept for the EON Energy brief in this years D&AD competition.

The idea is to have a self-powered music video launch for professor green using 3d projection mapping. Using 300 bicycles enough energy can be generated to power the projector and the sound system. The target audience for this campaign was 18-25yr olds who were technologically minded and the aim was to make save energy in the home ‘cool’ and trendy. There had to be a community spirit to the event and be a warm hearted approach to energy conservation.

dandad, D&AD submission, eon energy, 2011, entry

Our outcome meets every single aspect of the brief and is presented well in an easy to read infographic which explains all the facts and figures clearly. The project has been a thoroughly enjoyable process and has resulted in an excellent portfolio piece. The only negative is that we have had to chop the board in two as entries must be submitted in landscape format which lessens the quality of the piece drastically. Hopefully they will see through it and we will stand a fighting chance at winning the competition or at least being shortlisted.