D&AD Submission 2011

March 2, 2011

Here is the final piece we submitted as our concept for the EON Energy brief in this years D&AD competition.

The idea is to have a self-powered music video launch for professor green using 3d projection mapping. Using 300 bicycles enough energy can be generated to power the projector and the sound system. The target audience for this campaign was 18-25yr olds who were technologically minded and the aim was to make save energy in the home ‘cool’ and trendy. There had to be a community spirit to the event and be a warm hearted approach to energy conservation.

dandad, D&AD submission, eon energy, 2011, entry

Our outcome meets every single aspect of the brief and is presented well in an easy to read infographic which explains all the facts and figures clearly. The project has been a thoroughly enjoyable process and has resulted in an excellent portfolio piece. The only negative is that we have had to chop the board in two as entries must be submitted in landscape format which lessens the quality of the piece drastically. Hopefully they will see through it and we will stand a fighting chance at winning the competition or at least being shortlisted.


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