May 12, 2011

Little animation I made today as an experiment for a personal project I’m looking to do with a few friends. I slapped my drop clothing web address on it as a little promo piece but I would like to expand on it and make a full length music video. So If you are an artist and would like to consider having a video made for your next release, please get in touch.



May 11, 2011

Illustration for a poster I’m working on. The client has seen my illustrations before and specifically requested a drawing in my usual style. Not my preferred method for creating design work but I do love drawing and painting so its a good excuse to crack out my watercolours and ink. Its not finished yet but thought I would post it anyway.

Final Major Project

May 5, 2011

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Here are some images of the “Unconscious Communication” box set. As you can see, the box set consists of three folders, each containing detailed booklets explaining how we are susceptible to external influences. The additional inserts contained in the folder are based on tried and tested experiments that you can use to alter the moods and behaviour of those around you. The journey I have taken to get to this point as taught me an incredible amount about psychological behaviour, and how as a designer, you can effectively control minds with your work.

The inspiration for this project came from my fascination with Derren Brown. I set out to further my understanding of his practices, researching his influences to see if I could use psychology to make my work far more effective and powerful. When it came to putting this research to use, I had several directions I could take to produce an actual realised outcome. One idea I had was to create a package that could be given to volunteers that wanted to help ‘Big Issue’ seller, by teaching them to use priming to make people more open to the idea of being generous, thus boosting sales of the magazine. Another idea was to produce a magazine called ‘CTRL-ALTER’, which featured all the research I had collected. After tutor feedback, I steered away from these and finally settled on producing a box set that could teach people useful techniques to help improve relationships and encourage positive behaviour from those around them.

There hasn’t really been any issues with this project as it has gone really well from start to finish. The research process was captivating, the development and experimentation was great fun, and the construction of the box set has been a fairly smooth process. The end result is something that hits the self written brief, and does it in an interesting way that should hopefully intrigue those that interact with it. The knowledge that I have taken away from this will be of great benefit to me in my career, and hopefully something that I can integrate into projects in the future.

The end is near

May 3, 2011

Subconcious box set

After around 450 hours of intense research, experimentation, ideas generation and development – the project is now complete. I have created a box set which can help you to subliminally alter the behavior of those around you. The box set contains three folders each containing a small booklet with examples of experiments and tips on how to use them yourself. The folders also contain posters, cue cards, and photocopy-able experiments for you to try out on colleagues or employees. These can be used to increase performance, change peoples mood and also to gain a better rapport in conversations. Photos will be up on here tomorrow with a break down of exactly what is included.