Coming soon

June 25, 2011

I have recently been employed by Mad River as an artworker/designer and as a result have put most of my personal projects on hold. I have been working on some fantastic projects with some awesome clients. Clipper tea, HSBC World Sevens, LMA (league Managers Association) RNLI, just to name a few. There is a great atmosphere in the studio and am incredibly lucky to have landed a position like this considering I am only in my second year of University.

I am setting myself some time in the evenings to work on a new website for myself though. I only finished building my current site about 3 months ago so it is a bit soon to be re-branding myself. But I am not really that happy with my current site. Granted It got me a work placement at the award winning design agency Thinking Juice, and also got me a job at Mad River. I still feel an update is on the card. This new site will have a lot more information about briefs, include a better selection of work, have links to all my creative blogs including my academic research into the psychology of persuasion, and my sarcastic letter writing. It will also show a lot more of my personality, something my current site is definately lacking. Have a look at the preview shot and let me know what you think.


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