Poster concepts

October 12, 2011

And so my final year of University begins! To start off the year we have been given a short poster design project with endless possibilities. The brief is to create an A3 poster which gives an insight into our method of working and shows the style in which we work. The point of the poster is to show the diversity in styles of those on the Visual Communication course and to advertise this to prospective students.

This amount of freedom to create is fantastic and something that just is not possible in the workplace due to client demands and brand guidelines, so I am really savoring projects like this. Here are my first few mock ups of ideas rattling around my head and would love any feedback if you can spare a few seconds to comment.

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Awesome online lecture given by Mike Monteiro of Mule. He hits the nail on the head when discussing familiar situations that arise with regards to payment. A must watch for freelancers getting weighed down by the lack of respect some clients show after you have devoted hours of your time working for them. And most importantly, how to protect yourself in the first place.