Limited edition prints

April 8, 2012

This range of prints has been created with the aim of attracting more positivity into your life. Its too easy to get bogged down with the weight of the world, so utilising a psychological process known as ‘anchoring’ I have created pieces which can be used to improve your emotional state. If you set aside a few minutes each day to stare into each print and remind yourself of all the wonderful things you have going on around you, the people that make you smile, the things in life that you love. In time this positive emotional state of mind can be extracted just by quickly glancing at the image.

Three of these prints are now on sale. And will be available either by contacting me, or through my new website which should be up and running in the next two weeks. More prints will be released in the next few months. Enjoy.


Limited edition prints

July 17, 2011

Brand new set of prints are now available by Ben Darvill. Printed using museum standard, high quality pigment inks on archival grade paper these prints are a beautiful addition to your walls. For more information please get in touch. dropcollective@live.com